Heavy duty Mud buckets

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Excavator Heavy duty Mud Bucket

Excavator Mud Bucket is available in a wide-range of widths and capacities. It’s designed for work like landscaping, cleaning ditches, finishing and back filling, any high volume light material handling and mainly used in river regulation, disposal of liquid sludge waste. etc.


Excavator Mud Bucket, also go by Grading Bucket/ditching bucket. Ditching Bucket are designed for work like landscaping, cleaning ditches, grading, finishing and back filling. as well as any high volume light material handling. It is Intended for Topsoil stripping, small scale dozing, landscaping and leveling of fill.

Excavator Mud Bucket ideal for ditch cleaning, grading, and aggregate work. Drain holes are available for wet working environments. Different types of cutting edge are available.

In the world of construction, a clean and organized work environment is crucial. That’s why we’ve developed the excavator mud bucket, designed to streamline your site maintenance and maximize efficiency.

With its specially designed shape and high-capacity build, this innovative attachment allows you to quickly and effectively remove debris, mud, and other unwanted materials from your construction site.

Whether you need to clear pathways, clean trenches, or remove waste, the Excavator Cleaning Bucket is the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and safe construction site.

Equipped with advanced features and durable construction, our Cleaning Bucket ensures optimal performance, reliability, and longevity.

Installation is a breeze, with seamless compatibility across a range of excavator models. It’s a versatile and cost-effective addition to your construction fleet.

Keep your construction site spotless with the excavator mud bucket.

Our Hire Pricing

All the rates are Ex.Gst

Excavator hire Day Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Enquire for long-term rates
5.5 ton Excavator A$ 350 A$ 336/day A$ 330/day
12.8 ton Excavator A$ 450 A$ 400/day A$ 390/day
14 ton Excavator A$ 470 A$ 430/day A$ 410/day
22.2 ton Excavator A$ 520 A$ 500/day A$ 480/day
Generator hire Day Rate Weekly Rate Monthly Rate Enquire for long-term rates
20 KVA Generator A$ 190 A$ 160/day A$ 140/day
35 KVA Generator A$ 220 A$ 190/day A$ 170/day
62.5 KVA Generator A$ 250 A$ 230/day A$ 220/day
100 KVA Generator A$ 350 A$ 320/day A$ 300/day
160 KVA Generator A$ 500 A$ 470/day A$ 450/day
250 KVA Generator A$ 700 A$ 650/day A$ 600/day

Our Sale Pricing

Generator For Sale Sale Price Inquiry Now
20 KVA Generator A$ 15000
35 KVA Generator A$ 19000
62.5 KVA Generator A$ 22000
100 KVA Generator A$ 27000
160 KVA Generator A$ 40000
250 KVA Generator A$ 60000
Attachments for sale - 5.5 Tons Type Sale Price Enquire Now
Heavy duty bucket 300 mm A$ 860
Heavy duty bucket 450 mm A$ 1036
Heavy duty bucket 600 mm A$ 1300
Heavy duty bucket 1200 mm A$ 1476
Excavator Rake A$ 1323
Tilting bucket A$ 2688
Box type Hydraulic hammer 4 - 6 Tons A$ 4300
Attachments for sale - 12.8 Tons Type Sale Price Enquire Now
Heavy duty bucket 300 mm A$ 1825
Heavy duty bucket 450 mm A$ 2212
Heavy duty bucket 600 mm A$ 2276
Heavy duty bucket 900 mm A$ 2872
Heavy duty bucket 1500 mm A$ 3460
Excavator Rake A$ 2018
Tilting bucket A$ 4762
Hydraulic Grapple 12-15 Tons A$ 5722
Box type Hydraulic hammer 12-15 Tons A$ 8823
Hydraulic stone pulverizer 12-15 Tons A$ 6623
Type Attachments for sale Call Enquire Now
Heavy duty bucket Call for Pricing
Rake Call for Pricing
Ripper Call for Pricing
Skeleton bucket Call for Pricing
Ditching bucket Call for Pricing

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